The Cryptic “Doctor” Similkemeen Welcomes You to KPKworld!

Greetings! Cheers!  Slainte!  Skål!  Yo! ‘sup?


You have found me once again in the grip of my nefarious alter-ego: the highly inscrutable
Dr. Karameos Zachary Similkemeen, shadowy figure of mystery and intrigue. Good thing you’ve stumbled upon my monumental mental venture KPKworld! An amusement park for the mind,
it’s an online portal to opinion, delight, befuddlement and with any luck, a smidgeon of insight on the side.


> KPKworld is an enema for the mind! A feast for the funny bone! A meal for your Muse, since August of 2011! And always, a world of Trouble!

Yes.   Why not?   Yes!


 It’s 2022!  HUZZAH!
We survived 2021… barely!

> THIS YEAR in KPKworld:

In this (post-pandemic???) year, expect 3 daily postings, of a FLIX PIX film review dropping at 12:01 AM, followed by a poem from the yearlong poem cycle 2013: Portrait of a Difficult Year at 12 noon, and finally a second FLIX PIX at 6PM nightly. The monthly KPK on the CINEMA columns will continue, and who knows what else I may just get a wild hair to drop in KPKworld. I am a madman! And HERE’S A FUN NEW FEATURE!

> Every day at 12 midnight, I will reveal a different hidden face of my schizophrenic persona Dr. Karameos Z. Similkemeen for all the world to see! Prepared to be amazed… and probably horrified. So be it.


SOMNAMBULANT STORIES have landed! Thrill to 30 truly twisted tales of terror and confusion from the unlikely life of a serial insomniac. Crown jewels. Da kine. It does not get better than this. READ THEM.

> And hey! If you enjoy dazzling photographs Please Take A Moment To Visit:


Your source for startling daily images from January 1st, 2018!

*  All in all…


*  *  *

> But now… It’s time to roam the main avenues and more well-travelled tributaries, or take a more leisurely safari through the back alleys of KPKworld to discover a wealth of nascent nooks and quaint crannies to delight and fascinate the inquisitive mind. This literary blog offers 10 distinct channels and 6 side streets to suit every eccentric taste.  Behold!

TALES FROM A WINDBAG (Share bittersweet, often humorous remembrances culled from the off-kilter autobiographical monologues of KPK.)

ME, TROLL  (My poetry channel, featuring fresh prose, haiku and free verse from the pen of Kevin Paul Keelan. Under this umbrella you can find my first poetry volume KPK (A to Z), as well as a compilation of the daily poems of 1980 and 2013: POEMS FROM A TURBULENT YEAR.)

QUIET IN THE BACK!  (The place for film commentary and useful lists for the tasteful cinaste.  This channel also features KPK on the CINEMA, monthly compilations reviewing the films I saw the previous month, and FLIX PIX providing specific suggestions for great, or noteworthy films, old and new- from mainstream blockbusters to small gems that often go unnoticed in a crowded media market.)

IRISH RAMBLINGS (Merry excerpts from my lively travelogue: “MY IRISH DIARIES: Travels Through Ireland, North and South”, for lovers of Irish people and Celtic culture.)

#TWEETS FROM A TWIT  (Posted before the limit doubled, these daily puzzlements of exactly 140 characters,  served to befuddle and flabbergast the Twitterverse.)

TASTY TIDBITS  (The asylum for Weirdoes, Kooks and Oddballs, this is a place where jokes and lies take shape without warning and spontaneously combust!)

GUESTBOOK  (A forum for collaborations and the linguistic musings of guest writers, poets and other prophetic liars and lying prophets.)

PITHY PIFFLE (Marvel over notable quotes and quotable notes compiled for your rumination, edification and stupidifacation.)

SCRABBLE, ANYONE?  (Find useful lists for word gamers and my fellow lovers of our fractured Anguish Languish, and occasional commentary about the game.)


WHAT, ME BLOVIATE? (Pointed social criticism, salacious slander, outrageous opinions, pointless pontification, bombastic buffoonery, common sense, left-wing hooey & really ridiculous rants.)

Read some!  Enjoy them!  Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts  before re-entering mundane reality.

Enjoy your visit to KPKworld.  Carpe diem, I say!  Seize the day.  We may not live to share another one.

–  +  –  +  –  +  –  +  –  +  –  +  –  +  –  +  –  +  –  +  –  +  –  +  –  +  –  +  –  +  –

> Okay.  You perked my interest.  What now?  Where do I begin?

It depends. Like POETRY? Though certainly not my best, “ME, TROLL” has always been my flagship poem because it deals directly with the KPK dualistic identity thang.  See what you think:

>However, KPKworld now has it’s own poetic manifesto!  Voila:

Curious about traveling in IRELAND? Try this:

Want to know more about my… unusual lifestory?  Why not begin at the beginning?

Here is a posting from Flix Pix archives:

Want to know where I’m coming from aesthetically?  What am I passionate about?   This is the gateway to my poetic soul:

or just read on, for the Layman’s Guide to KPKworld.

*  *  *


(My Inaugural Cybercolumn)

> I told a friend I was planning to finally publish a blog. He surprised me by asking, in essence: WHY BLOG?  Good question!

. With the unrelenting and untenable background noise of information overload, in an age when few people have the time to stop and tie their shoes- who’s going to find my lonely voice crying from the wilderness? And if they do stumble upon it, will they ever find the time to sit down and actually READ it?

. Very doubtful really.

. But all my adult life I’ve wanted to be a daily newspaper columnist. Now, with newspapers all but going extinct, and all the media buzz about the blogosphere, there really doesn’t seem to be anywhere else to turn. All my life I’ve been the kind of human that feels the personal choices for him are clear and unambiguous:


. So what if no one is listening? I don’t really write for other people- though if they want to come along for the ride they are humbly welcomed and appreciated. I have always had so much going on inside me that it feels as though my head will burst if I don’t let some of it out.

. So consider this a safety-valve, letting off enough of that inner steam to keep me from an ugly explosion that nobody wants…

. I first dabbled in blogging on my Myspace page over a year ago, but received so little feedback, my enthusiasm waned and I stopped posting entries. (I kept writing of course, just not publicly.) I hope to get a lot more response on WordPress. It would be so gratifying to me if you can find it in your heart (and on your calendar) to read my blogs in “KPKworld” from time to time. It’s free! I have great confidence it will be fun, as I am a notoriously outspoken loudmouth with a splendiferous vocabulary, and a baffling lack of fear of being exposed as the simpleton he is. It’s gripping! One never knows when this foot might wind up deep in this mouth! Could happen anytime. It’s like watching a train wreck about to happen. You can’t look away.

. Please feel free to offer your much-desired feedback. You can tell the truth. I’m a big boy. (At least on the outside.)

. And let me know if you have a blog that I should be reading. I believe in an (unfortunately) imaginary community of artists and sensitive souls who work actively and eagerly to support each other’s pursuit of their own personal muse. (A beautiful lie I choose to embrace.) My blissful fantasy for the future? We all take personal responsibility to make this pipe-dream a working reality!

. Blogging is like dipping your toes into immortality. Someday- maybe soon- my body will turn back to dust, but my thoughts will live on, squirreled-away on some obscure server somewhere for the futurefolk to contemplate. It’s a humbling prospect for a human but an exciting possibility for a writer.

. Please let me know if you have feedback, suggestions, constructive criticism or wish to submit material for publication on KPKworld.

Thanks for the wonderful support Universe.  You’re swell.
Live long and prosper!


© Kevin Paul Keelan and lastcre8iveiconoclast 2022. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Kevin Paul Keelan and lastcre8iveiconoclast with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

49 Responses to The Cryptic “Doctor” Similkemeen Welcomes You to KPKworld!

  1. Howard Wu says:

    Great to see you here. I just subscribed.

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  2. TG says:

    K. Wow. Keep it up. T

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  3. Mike says:

    Sounds great!

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  4. Your blog looks great! So glad to see you finally found somewhere more fitting to write and be read. Cheers!

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  5. Kevin Bransfield says:

    Beautiful musings. Glad I know how to find you.

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  6. - Will - says:

    Thanks for the invite, – Will –

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  7. Robin Horn says:

    Looks great, Kev.

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  8. Shannon Vance says:


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  9. Lara says:

    Wow, Kevin. This is great! Thanks for inviting me.

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  10. Daneen Aller says:

    You got it K…

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  11. Lu Lu Love says:

    Cool Kevin.. Thanks for the invite…=-)

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  12. Tamara Deems says:

    Very cool, I just subscribed.

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  13. Stacy Fisher says:

    Okay I think I’m subscribed now. Time to take on the prose!

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  14. Joy Vance says:

    Very nice site Kevin. It looks just like a fixed width 2 column web page. Is this how I subscribe?

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  15. Yojimbo says:

    Had trouble accessing this site before,thanx for sending the link.

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  16. Jingle says:

    invite you to join poets rally week 40…
    simply visit me for details…all submissions are to be represented by the end of the week.
    Happy Writing.
    Looking forward to seeing you share your talent with us.
    You rock.

    all free and your poetry here.

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  17. Chad Barlip says:

    I enjoy you because of all of your work on this blog. My mum take interest in engaging in investigation and it’s really easy to understand why. A number of us hear all of the dynamic manner you produce worthwhile items by means of the website and in addition encourage participation from other individuals about this article and our own girl is studying a lot of things. Have fun with the rest of the new year. Your doing a pretty cool job.

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  18. karl says:

    Cool site, I look forward to checking out more stories. And maybe making a few with you.

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  19. Joy Vance says:

    Finally made it!

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  20. Stuart Vance says:

    Kevin, as usual there’s a lot to absorb. But I’m taking it piece by piece. Keep it coming!

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  21. Howard Wu says:

    Happy birthday again.
    Keep on blogging, old man.

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  22. Sola says:

    Kevin…. quite amusing and entertaining read. When I can free myself for a rare moment, I hook in. So Irish, you are. I say this with previous experience, as my son’s dad is Irish….so much wit and wisdom that rolled off the tongue. But OH what a temper!

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  23. Wow, more people are finding you. Love the few that I can read at work; mostly I’m blocked. Today I got it!

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  24. Kevin–Found you on Jon Morrow’s column about blogging…seems you’re in the blogging door right after me..I began in July of 2010. Bit older, however, probably your Mom’s age group. No problem–there’s room for all of us. Good luck! I’ll drop in periodically. Just wondering–Only Karen (and I don’t know her) has a Gravatar?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well thanks so much for checking-in Colleen Kelly, (great Irish name!) despite my status as a near fossil. Good luck to you too! Can’t address your query, as I am unsure who “Only Karen” is and am clueless about Gravitar. (For a serious blogger, I am shockingly Luddite!) Are you referring perhaps to a link I posted to my friend Karen’s online business? Please post a link to your blog silly! And considering your heritage, please check-into my KPKworld channel “IRISH RAMBLINGS”. You might groove on it. Slainte!


  25. JM says:

    Hi, Thank you for stopping by my corner of the web and following my blog! I really enjoyed exploring your site and look forward to seeing more posts in the future.

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  26. crimsonprose says:

    This looks (omit the word ‘simply’) amazing! But bleary-eyed and upside-down I arrive so must curtail and postpone my visit until brain has again decided to function. Just wanted to say ‘ta muchly’ for following my blog.

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  27. Zachary says:

    We thought we’d glance at your blog for our class, but we want to know more about this Karameos Zachary guy. Huh? Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The mysterious figure you inquire about is a frivolous nom de plume I invented for myself while on a cross-Canada roadtrip, when we passed through a small town of indeterminate name. We could not figure out where we were, as it was too small to be on the map, but the Karameos Post Office was next to the Similkemeen Fire Department, across from Karemeos Realty and the Similkemeen General Store… You get the idea. They just sounded like an inscrutable, nefarious character, when paired. (Thought he needed a middle name, so I added Zachary.) Not sure what age group you are teaching, but my posts are occasionally adult in nature. It is peppered with colorful language and some themes not appropriate for children. Other than that, I welcome your interest. Hope this slakes your curiosity?


      • yaming says:

        No, we are not teachers. We are trying to learn to write, like you. We are high school students. Are you in high school?

        Liked by 1 person

      • I started writing in high school… 39 years ago! I’m an old fart with a young soul, Yaming. Your English and spelling are spot on. Are you Chinese? Is English your second language? What do you envision as the focus of your writing? (Fiction, non-fiction, journalism, poetry, online content?) Love to hear more about you friend. I do publish works by other writers, under my GUESTBOOK category. Have you anything you would like to submit for consideration? This would be most welcome…


  28. yaming says:

    Greetings from China

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  29. This is really the third blog post, of your website I went through.
    But I really love this specific 1, “KPKworld | Stories, poems, ruminations and verbal balderdash” the most.
    Thanks -Oma

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  30. karyn goodenow says:

    You are on facebook to “like”..?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Karyn. My Facebook page is not set to be public. I went private after a few haters who found my blog started posting rude messages there. There is a “ME LIKE” button on this page in the top right hand corner. Thanks for reading!


  31. Jenny says:

    Nice site Kevin. You’ve got some great stuff in here:)

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  32. Another visitor jamming the site, overloading the server, taxing your patience! Looking, gauging, reacting, observing, laughing, crying at how silly we all are. Love you Kevin Paul! How’s the competition going in this competitive world? It’s hard feeling everyone competing and then seeing yourself doing it too, is it not?….lol….

    Liked by 1 person

  33. I really like what you’re doing here. If you ever want to share your work somewhere else, you should send some stuff our way. We’re making a zine and trying to get this blog thing cooking and looking for interesting folks to showcase. I think you fit that bill.

    I’m Tyler, one of the editors for Bard Publishing, and we’re looking for contributors from outside our immediate area (currently, the Monterey Bay, California area) to publish on our blog and eventually in print editions of our zine “Indecent”. Our goal is to build a community of writers, artists and like minds in order to take over the world, or something. At the very least, we just want to hear and be heard, and to allow others a space to do the same. To inform the populace that it’s time to step up our game. If you’d like to contribute anything to the community, hop on over to our blog, check out what we’re about, and you’ll find all the info you need to submit work and whatnot.

    Everything is a Construction / Buildings can be Broken,


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the info Tyler. But if you’re looking for writers OUTSIDE your area- this would not be me. I live and work in the Monterey Bay area.


      • Oh snap, what are the odds! hahah. Well, we publish plenty of people from the Monterey area, but we were doing this blog thing to find folks from a wider range. I’d still like to put some of your work out there, though, so if you’re interested, feel free to send us something!

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  34. unsimplelife says:

    I really like this space mate. Always interesting things to engage with. Keep it up, much appreciated!

    Liked by 2 people

  35. KPKeelan says:

    Hey! So very kind of you to say so friend. Very kind of you to speak up. Thanks for reading.


  36. This is excellent. How could I not, after stumbling upon this fathomless festival, how could I not hit subscribe? This is all balderdash, or tremendous, or something inconceivable tucked into the fine line between balderdash and tremendous.

    Liked by 1 person

  37. csperryess says:

    Hey fellow appreciators of KPKWorld — I hope you’ll check out this Wordmonger post, where I take a look at the etymologies of words like garbage, trash, rubbish & the like, all inspired by Kevin’s photo, “Our Lady of the Garbage”.

    Liked by 1 person

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