FLIX PIX (219) “Michael Moore Wonders WHERE TO INVADE NEXT?”


(directed by Michael Moore, 2015)

**** (out of 5)


> Another fun bit of agit-prop, (propaganda intended to agitate), from the creative mind of reliable lefty Michael Moore, this pseudo-documentary has a very clever premise: what if the U.S. “invaded” other countries by symbolically planting our flag in the center of all their good ideas to claim them for America? What if Mr. Moore himself were the emissary symbolically invading countries across the globe to appropriate their best policies for the U.S. people? Would that make an entertaining film? Oh yes.

. From Italy, (where workers receive far more generous vacation time), to France, (where they feed their kids gourmet school lunches), to Germany, (with a more worker-centric industrial policy), to Norway, (where prisons do more than warehouse- they rehabilitate), to Tunisia and Iceland, (that have far more gender equality), we follow our intrepid one-man invasion force in search of better ways to do things. It helps of course, that I am on the far-left myself, and tend to agree with most of the viewpoints Michael espouses in these singular films, that are always information heavy without squandering entertainment values.

. No, this is not one of his best, but it resonates wildly with the message that the self-appointed “greatest country on the earth” could use a bit less hubris and a good bit more social justice.

. You GO, Michael Moore!


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