#TWEETS FROM A TWIT: (August 2016)

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AUGUST 1- Nothing 2 give one a little perspective on ones’ own culture than to give it a two month time-out. Coming home requires a real readjustment! (214)

AUGUST 2- I am a pedestrian. Therefore, I am invisible. Strangely, I still exist! Didn’t take a whole day back in US to be bullied by drivers in cars. (215)

AUGUST 3- Pressure + tension = stress x life = lunacy minus sanity + extremism = delusion + denial is Not Equal 2 functionality & usefulness, squared. (216)

AUGUST 4- I am trying to indulge my Muse as much as possible lately. Rekindling my love affair with reading, writing and the amazements of the cinema. (217)

AUGUST 5- It’s overdue relief 2 see how many American voters are gradually waking up 2 the reality of Donald Trump, and rejecting his job application! (218)

AUGUST 6- Mm!Hot chocolate before bed. A high-calorie sugar-rush right before sleep. Great idea. Gotta keep my up my weight for that Pavarotti biopic! (219)

AUGUST 7- When I was a teenage drama student my coach decided I couldn’t possibly walk in an old man’s body. My what a difference 4 or 5 decades make! (220)

AUGUST 8- Sometimes Life is sheer poetry, sometimes it is smutty porn. Does it not seem that Heaven & Hell are very real, here, on Earth, with us now? (221)

AUGUST 9- Why do so many creative geniuses have severe personality disorders? Does genius crowd gentler human impulses out & demand doggish obedience? (222)

AUGUST 10- I try to take nothing for granted now. I try to anticipate & have a contingency 4 anything- but I also know that Life has a mind of its own. (223)

AUGUST 11- Excited to have finished my 6th volume of poetry: POSTCARDS FROM THE IMAGINATION- 33 hitherto unpublished pieces. Now will anybody want one? (224)

AUGUST 12- It never fails: Almost as soon as I get home from visiting my mom in Europe I become homesick for mother Ireland & start planning my return! (225)

AUGUST 13- No wonder we often feel so out of control-So many things have taken on a life of their own/Habit, pattern, entropy & inertia are not enough! (226)

AUGUST 14- WHAT’S HAPPENING Twitter asks me, & I’m supposed 2 answer that in 140 characters?! How bout this: Life Goes On…and it’s a damn good thing! (227)

AUGUST 15- Hard to imagine Time on a cosmic scale. Blow it up enough & it appears to lose meaning. Humans come & go. The planet continues to transform! (228)

AUGUST 16- Sleepy in mid-afternoon. Perhaps I should do something cre8ive. Recent studies suggest times when our bodies are exhausted our Muse excels. (229)

AUGUST 17- Lost wallet makes me feel like a spacecase! That kind of thing used 2 happen regularly. Not so much since I matured but just as frustrating! (230)

AUGUST 18- The best stories R not the ones that shed bright light on dark corners but the ones that empower & suggest that in the darkness you R light. (231)

AUGUST 19- WHAT’S THE ROLE OF AN ARTIST IN THE WORLD OF 2016? Absolutely none as far as I can tell. Artists must first be promoters of their own brand. (232)

AUGUST 20- I like cooking. It’s meditative- busying the hands/freeing the mind- and it engages so many different senses in the preparation+ consumption. (233)

AUGUST 21- I am staring at the vacuum- intensely willing it to plug itself in & get to work, but my Jedi mind tricks have apparently grown a bit rusty. (234)

AUGUST 22- I am staring at the vacuum- intensely willing it to plug itself in & get to work, but my Jedi mind tricks have apparently grown a bit rusty. (235)

AUGUST 23- I joke, I kid, I lampoon, I lambaste. It’s just me being me, but damn! I M so touched with gratitude that so many folks found me on Twitter! (236)

AUGUST 24- My friend Brian once said that life was the universe fucking itself/I could take that one step further/The Universe is the ejaculate of God (237)

AUGUST 25- Despicable the way haters & trolls R assaulting SNL funnywoman Leslie Jones online because she has the nerve 2 be both black and successful. (238)

AUGUST 26- Have you been kind to yourself today? We get so busy pleasing others that we forget to nurture ourselves/Can’t pour water from an empty cup. (239)

AUGUST 27- Today I eavesdropped on 2 kids playing politics & heard: “This is radioactive Hillary! Everyone’s voting for her-No one’s voting for Trump.” (240)

AUGUST 28- >Most often misquoted Bible verse: NO, money is NOT the source of all evil. It’s the unreasonable love of money that corrupts so thoroughly. (241)

AUGUST 29- >Our values determine our general level of happiness. Have U got a clear handle on what’s important & what is not? Do your values serve you? (242)

AUGUST 30- I am a people person- & far to easily affected by the capricious vicissitudes of others. As Mr. Sensitive, I need to work on my boundaries. (243)

AUGUST 31- The problem with belief is that we may be wrong. Once we believe something our healthy skepticism fades away & we fail to ? our assumptions. (244)


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