FLIX PIX (193) “Simon Pegg at THE WORLD’S END”


(directed by Edgar Wright, 2013)

*** (out of 5)


> One begins to wonder how British writer/character actor Simon Pegg does it, (familiar from the wonderful SHAWN OF THE DEAD and as Chekov in the most recent Star Trek franchise): making film after entertaining film that continues to draw from a limited milieu, yet continually offers some fresh and unexpected perspective.

. In this case Simon plays a crass, boozy scoundrel who got stuck in a peak moment from his youth and found himself unable to move on with his life.  He becomes fixated on assembling that old gang of his and finishing the epic pub crawl they failed to complete decades before: a circuit of a small English village’s twelve public houses, ending at the prize: a bar called “The World’s End”.  Through sheer force of energy, he succeeds in rounding up his aging crew for the attempt, but wouldn’t you know it? Something very, very strange happens about half way through the adventure, when it becomes clear they are being watched, and followed by a townsfolk who are absolutely not what they appear to be! Pegg seems to be making the same movie over and over again. Guess this doesn’t matter much, when they are as entertaining as this is!

. Really a huge amount of silly fun.


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