(directed by Terence Nance, 2013)

***+ (out of 5)


> Occasionally fascinating, occasionally creepy, this experimental documentary is about filmmaker Terence Nance’s obsession with a woman with whom he seems locked in a platonic relationship. Steeped in brutal honesty and a self-criticism akin to personal therapy, his film is definitely an unusual chimera.

. The artist/protagonist makes a short film that deals transparently with his undeclared love for her, and then brings her to the premiere, showing it to her with no warning whatsoever. The poor girl is emotionally Shanghaied, and as observers, we can’t help but feel that way a little ourselves.  Terrence’s devotion is sweet, but begins to boarder on stalking. She is complicit however, in that she is unclear on her own emotions, and clearly relishes his attention despite a non-committal attitude that is frustrating to both the Nance and his viewers.

. AN OVERSIMPLIFICATION OF HER BEAUTY is full of recreations of events from the filmmaker’s point of view, and peppered with fun animated sequences of pure whimsy.  The object of his attention is adorable.  We fall a little in love with his fickle quasi-girlfriend ourselves, while at the same time seeing what the protagonist apparently cannot: that she will never be emotionally available to him and all he’ll ever get from the relationship is longing and disappointment.


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