#TWEETS FROM A TWIT: (July 2016)

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JULY 1- 4 AM- can’t sleep. The medication that helps the most is ILLEGAL in this country. Time for the world to get over medical marijuana hysteria! (183)

JULY 2- Paolo Sorrentino’s brilliant movie “YOUTH” made me feel every minute of my advanced age and every second of the youth that made me who I am. (184)

JULY 3- Many thousands of angry Brits take 2 London streets to say WE’VE BEEN LIED TO AND MANIPULATED. A referendum is not an election. Just say NO. (185)

JULY 4- Rah-Rah ‘merika! Best. Country. Ever! Damn good thing big, white Godguy likes us better than all the other losers! Feels good to be so smug. (186)

JULY 5- Namecalling is not debate/When I say Republicans are xenophobes I M not opening a discussion-I am demonizing them. I get that. Too damn bad! (187)

JULY 6- It’s a sad day in America & the world when the beautiful word “freedom” can be hijacked 2 mean hatred, fear+the liberty to be a proud bigot. (188)

JULY 7- >The unbridled deliciousness of hot, strong coffee when you wake too early in the morning cannot be underestimated & borders on the obscene! (189)

JULY 8- In the darkness before dawn, when most of the world is sleeping, the fullness of silence can be a rich nourishing feast 4 the besieged soul. (190)

JULY 9- W/St. Dept. investigation just gearing up- time 4 Hillary 2 withdraw/She’s GOTTA GO & leave the stage 2 Bernie Sanders! ‪#‎stepdownhillary! (191)

JULY 10- Racist police forces across America declare OPEN SEASON on black skin! Check your tail-lights! Buy some pale face cream! Take 2 the streets! (192)

JULY 11- According to tech visionary in new Herzog doc LO & BEHOLD it will soon be possible to tweet our THOUGHTS. Hm. Isn’t that what I’m doing now? (193)

JULY 12- TODAY is the Big Day! Will Bernie-or-Busters respect their own candidate or pillory him 4 living in the real world & uniting 2 defeat Trump? (194)

JULY 13- Bombs are very bad things. They hurt people bad. And people who drop bombs on people are bad people. Oh. Wait a minute. Those people are us! (195)

JULY 14- I just had an inconvenient encounter with gravity, and I couldn’t help but think: Good Job, Science! (You nuisance!) And gee thanks, Obama! (196)

JULY 15- America: Racist country, racist police departments. The sooner we come to grips with this, the better off we will be in facing the future… (197)

JULY 16- I M aware that I can B effortlessly controversial taking strong stands that can bristle. These people mistake me 4 someone who gives a damn! (198)

JULY 17- What role does faith play in our lives-a helpful crutch in times of trial or a refuge for denial? Does it shed light or perpetuate darkness? (199)

JULY 18- As a congential fuck-up (ie a human) I used 2 beat myself up 4 my silly mistakes. No longer-Now I go straight from acceptance 2 forgiveness. (200)

JULY 19- TRUMP:Insecure infantile egomaniac ignorant vindictive heartless cruel unprincipled fascist racist misogynistic fearmonger homophobic bully! (201)

JULY 20- In America the political pendulum swings wildly from right 2 left and back again. In scary times scardeycats flock to strongmen-R WE DOOMED? (202)

JULY 21- There is nothing on earth like live theatre. The economics are daunting. We need to do MUCH MORE to ensure a healthy theatre in the US of A! (203)

JULY 22- Continually shocked by the reality of homelessness in America. How have we become so callous to the suffering of others? Why do we allow it? (204)

JULY 23- Sitting before what Jackson Browne called Sleep’s Dark & Silent Gate waiting to gain admittance. It seems I am not on the guest list tonite. (205)

JULY 24- >Tattered dreams snap violently in a gale force wind blowing the features off my face & obliterating every trace of what I once called ‘me’. (206)

JULY 25- I am coming to grips with the reality that my little life has no significance whatsoever & very little impact on the world: The way of Life. (207)

JULY 26- I find it a comfort to keep reminding myself of the potent words of Henrik Ibsen in his play Peer Gynt:”Troll! To thine own self be ENOUGH!” (208)

JULY 27- >So many walls! Walls within us, walls between us, walls to keep ourselves contained, walls to keep others out. Dynamite is our best friend! (209)

JULY 28- Day57: The final day of my 13th Irish pilgrimage. Another bittersweet milestone/Will I be back next year? We never know when a chapter ends. (210)

JULY 29- >My summer adventure comes to a close, as I undertake another leap from continent to continent, returning to the tenuousness of “real life”. (211)

JULY 30- >It’s a bleary transition, back to the geography of “home”. One gets the strange, unsettling sensation of being a visitor to one’s own life. (212)

JULY 31- JETtlaGg surr can be uh dis-com-boobulating xperienze. The wrld dont sumhow seam 2 be right. Hrd to doo simpl stuf like rite a feckun tweet! (213)


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