FLIX PIX (181) “The Iconic MAN OF THE WEST”


(directed by Anthony Mann, 1958)

***** (out of 5)


> The great Anthony Mann directed this morally three-dimensional Gary Cooper western, about a bad man turned good, who is accidentally reunited with the gang he ran away from a decade before.  Towering Everyman Gary Cooper is forced to pretend to be the amoral man he was and not the virtuous man he now is, to protect a couple of innocents in his care from the casual cruelty of his vicious former mentor, a wonderful Lee J. Cobb, swaggering and swearing and roaring every line.  But we are not fooled.  gary Cooper is… Gary Cooper, after all!  It’s a fascinating and tense subterfuge.

. This is a thoughtful, philosophical western thriller that excels straight down the checklist:

> Great director, working in his preferred genre, functioning at the top of his game: CHECK.

> Grand natural settings and cinematography: CHECK.

> Solid, compelling storytelling: CHECK.

> Well-drawn, interesting characters to love and hate: CHECK.

> Fine acting from fine actors: CHECK.

> Excellent sense of time and place: CHECK.

> Lush, sweeping musical score: CHECK.


. Anthony Mann was a helluva filmmaker.  MAN OF THE WEST is a helluva film.


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