(directed by Michel Gondry, 2013)

* (out of 5)


> No!  NOT happy.  Neither is this short guy!

Ack!  Sputter! Gasp!  Cease and desist!

. This film by unique French director Michel Gondry, (ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP, BE KIND REWIND, HUMAN NATURE), fell flatter than a deflated balloon.  Look, most people would call me an “intellectual”, but compared to Noam Chomsky I’m a drooling eedjit!

. This film looked very appealing: an interview with the great thinker set to animation designed to illustrate the concepts being discussed.  The critics were wowed… or were they just pretending to understand it so as not to look stupid?  I listened.  Really I did.  I tried to comprehend- but it was like swimming through mud- only none of it stuck, and after a while, I couldn’t breathe!  Making matters worse,  director Gondry was the interviewer, and he spoke with such a heavy accent that it was a struggle to keep up with his narration. Mr. Gondry himself began to complain that he couldn’t communicate with the celebrated brainiac because he did not have the tools to convey his thoughts precisely enough. No kidding?

. Useless!

(Frankly- I have some gall reviewing this film: I only watched about 2/3 of it before I had to run to the DVD player, hit eject and pop that disc back into the red Netflix envelope for prompt return!)

. AVOID… unless you are insanely brilliant!


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