FLIX PIX (172) “Nothing to Hate About THE HATEFUL EIGHT”


(directed by Quentin Tarantino, 2015)

***+ (out of 5)


> The credits proudly proclaim this the eighth Quentin Tarantino flick, which begged the question: where does it fit in among the others?

. Though as profoundly entertaining as ever, this typically star-studded ensemble piece is only middling Tarantino- better than JACKIE BROWNE, not nearly in the same league as TRUE FICTION.  The iconic director almost chucked this project, after the script was leaked online before he could put a production together.  He relented after a public reading of the script that rekindled his enthusiasm.  I wonder if Quentin would not have been better off pursuing another reinvention.  THE HATEFUL EIGHT has its charms, but ultimately feels like a filmmaker treading water.  Being the “difficult visionary” that he is, Quentin insisted the film be released in a 70mm roadshow version that necessitated a worldwide search for projectors that could still show this format.  A large percentage of the projectors required complete refurbishing.  All this drew attention to the release but was a major expense for the producers and a pain for the studio, contributing to the films tepid box office success.

. The cinematography by three-time Academy award winner Robert Richardson is first rate, and the Colorado mountain location informs every frame handsomely. As ever, there is lots of attention to detail here.  I was happy to see Italian composer Ennio Morricone take home an Oscar for a score that elevated every shot it accompanied.

. As always, all the actors seemed to be having a blast, from a gruff Jeff Bridges to a righteous Samuel L. Jackson.  Tim Roth had a romp as a sardonic dandy and Bruce Dern dug fiercely into the role of retired Confederate general.  But no cast member seemed to be having more of a blast that Jennifer Jason Leigh, who was nominated for her lively turn as a viscous female killer being forcibly escorted to the gallows by a bounty hunter. And that’s something when it is the female cast members who get attention in a Tarantino film!  Lots of fun tension between the characters here, as we discover their secret motivations and allegiances.  Is there any doubt a bloodbath is coming?

. It’s a Tarantino film!  Prepare for violence.


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