FLIX PIX (163) “Bollywood Comes to the States with KITES”


(directed by Anurag Basu, 2010)

**+ (out of 5)


> Bollywood comes to Las Vegas with bright, colorful, silly results.

. Every shot in this film looks like a carefully crafted commercial.  This is as slick as they come- too slick by half.  The main characters, taboo lovers, are pretty despicable really. The man is shallow, egocentric and arrogant, seeming to lack any moral compass or empathy for other people.  The woman is trapped in an abusive relationship by sheer greed: she likes all the pricey swag her casino gangster boyfriend gives her, so she stays despite vicious abuse.  How do you sympathize with such unsavory characters?  Not possible.  And when the action scenes come they are just laughable.  Cop cars give chase to the fleeing lovers, flipping over and exploding when they hit the slightest pebble.  Many, MANY police officers appear to have been killed by the thoughtless actions of these two- and we’re supposed to care about them?  They’re assholes!  These characters should have been jailed for negligent homicide, not celebrated as heroes!

. Naturally, there is a pointless dance competition thrown in, because… well it’s pseudo-Bollywood.  And it’s just stupid. Bollywood is stupid crap in a pretty package.  I will never intentionally rent another Bollywood film, because… well, I was born with half a brain.  No one with at least half a brain could confuse this silly commerce for art…

. So why 2-and-a-half stars? I had to give it an extra half star because the production values were so uniformly professional and- just as one is supposed to- I found myself occasionally having fun with it, despite the mindless stupidity of it all.


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