(directed by Matthew Vaughn, 2015)

***+ (out of 5)


The hype would have us compare this film with the James Bond franchise.  Stretching a point a bit, but there is a point to stretch.

. This slick, stylish, oh-so-fun spy film brings together the oldschool Britishness of Bond and the world of today, by introducing a seemingly average young Everyman into the world of high-stakes espionage.  A lisping Samuel L. Jackson is our villain du jour, and of course- he wants to fix all of humanity’s problems by exterminating most of the people on the planet.  The wealthy, privileged, powerful class is sequestered away for safe keeping, and they celebrate the coming mass human extinction as one would celebrate new year’s eve, watching a clock counting down to the brave new world.  Good thing there is a clandestine extra-governmental security squad working unseen to prevent madmen like lisping Jackson from wreaking havoc on the world: the Kingsmen.  And when one Kingsman dies in the line of duty, all the rest are sent in search of replacement candidates.

. Enter our angry, unfocused young protagonist, (Taron Egerton), who is recruited by the always-wonderful Colin Firth- who, like a fine wine, just seems to get better as he ages. While the stunts may not be as elaborate as Broccoli’s Bond films, they are imaginative and kinetic.  There is a world of action to enjoy here and lots and lots of violence.  We are treated at the end (SPOILER ALERT!) to the spectacle of many, many human heads exploding off their bodies in an over-the-top psychedelic orgy of stylized carnage.  It is almost what one might be called a sin, that it is so perversely enjoyable.

. If this is an attempt to set up a modern tongue-in-cheek sendup of the James Bond universe, I’m along for the ride.  This was every bit as much fun as the average Bond vehicle, if lighter in touch and smaller in scope.


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