#TWEETS FROM A TWIT: (June 2016)

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JUNE 1- If all went according to plan, today is Travelin’ Day! As you read this, I am likely in transit to west Cork Ireland via Toronto and Dublin. (153)

JUNE 2- Shameful the way we allow airlines 2 treat us like cattle. We need 2 DEMAND that this industry begin to give a fuck about its own customers! (154)

JUNE 3- Jetlag is like being very, very stoned against your will. In this age we have all but conquered space but we will never, never conquer time. (155)

JUNE 4- Environmentally things seem 2 B improving in Ireland/There is usually a big heap o’ marine rubbish in Bantry Bay/This time-nothing to clean! (156)

JUNE 5- Muhammad Ali’s brash braggadocio used 2 rub me the wrong way til I saw WHEN WE WERE KINGS & came 2 understand the brilliance of the strategy (157)

JUNE 6- Remember all that hope & change we were promised under Obama? Lots of change 4 the better, but hope that we will not backslide? Not so much. (158)

JUNE 7- To my Muslim brothers & sisters: As-salamu alaykum on this 1st day of Ramadan. I wish you peace & brotherhood among the peoples of the world (159)

JUNE 8- Computers R the bane of my existence. It flabbergasts me that anyone can make sense of them. For me- ENDLESS DAILY HASSLES. F**k technology! (160)

JUNE 9- Will Hillary absorb Bernie’s important message or will she assimilate and co-opt? Big political parties are like Borg: RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. (161)

JUNE 10- In the ultimate act of optimism I brought shorts with me 2 Ireland and I’m using them. Looks like summer will come here 4 1st time in years! (162)

JUNE 11- 124 out of 365: # of days the U.S. Senate will convene this year: the lowest in 60 years! What are we paying these lazy-ass freeloaders for? (163)

JUNE 12- My congratulations 2 Hillary Clinton 4 breaking a very important glass ceiling. Can we pay her 21.7% less than Obama because she is a woman? (164)

JUNE 13- The N.R.A. is the ENEMY of all peace-loving Americans whether they are gun owners or not. They are intellectually dishonest liars and fools! (165)

JUNE 14- In my sad, sick, fucked-up country we have decided that my right to shoot you supersedes your right not to be shot. We R a nation of idiots! (166)

JUNE 15- In this pathetic country of disempowered sheep we routinely spend considerably more on one Starbucks latte than we do on 1 student’s lunch. (167)

JUNE 16- It seems every time I come to Ireland there is another mass shooting in the US & the Irish ask me WHAT THE FECK IS WRONG WITH YOU AMERICANS? (168)

JUNE 17- When oh when will my government do the right thing, and issue AR-15’s to every man, woman and child in America as our God-given entitlement? (169)

JUNE 18- I see and am drawn into all kinds of silly drama with people I am in near total agreement with. We need to unite and fight the real enemies! (170)

JUNE 19- When my troubled father passed away, some years ago, I delivered a simple four word eulogy, more true today than ever: “Dad: I FORGIVE YOU.” (171)

JUNE 20- Spring is over/Summer is here! Twilight comes at 10 PM. Clouds drift through Irish skies, gliding seabirds feed, the tides come in, out, in. (172)

JUNE 21- We R about to see a big spike in suicide among American seniors. Half have NO retirement income except SSI. I fully expect to be among them. (173)

JUNE 22- So saddened by America’s inability to dialogue within itself. Our politicians have promoted polarization for years to better control voters. (174)

JUNE 23- >Feeling awfully useless & pointless lately. No summer work=no income & no precious children in my life. No one is reading my blog. No love. (175)

JUNE 24- Confirmation bias is EVERYWHERE, even in the statements of so-called “experts”. Don’t B fooled! Check the source and read between the lines. (176)

JUNE 25- It’s scary how people vote against their own best interests when dazzled by the politics of division invoked by code words meant to mislead. (177)

JUNE 26- I continue 2 learn unpleasant things about myself. I’m on my guard, but I am still so reactive. I even react to people being reactive to me! (178)

JUNE 27- The Republican Party in America has gotten so twisted and distorted in their break from Reality, they have become caricatures of themselves! (179)

JUNE 28- Living my life from day-to-day now, because I never know if I will be well enough to get out of bed on any given morning… It’s exhausting! (180)

JUNE 29- OMG. I am SO not a morning person. When I first get out of bed in the AM it’s all I can do 2 fire the neurons necessary to say Good Morning! (181)

JUNE 30- ! Trump uses exclamation points !!! because his words have no context!! No import!!! No basis in reality!!!! No use to anybody!!!! Loser!!!! (182)


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