FLIX PIX (148) “Beware: IT FOLLOWS!”


(directed by David Robert Mitchell, 2015)

**** (out of 5)


> No, I am not usually a scary movie kinda guy. I certainly don’t seek out this kind of fare, but every so often one of these horrorfests rises above the general din of the genre through critical or filmgoer support. If it gets under the skin of jaded critics, as this one did, it garners attention. I had to presume it had something lesser formula films lack.

. There are classics of the genre, like THE EXORCIST and NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, that stand the test of time as great entertainments.  Such films do not have to be good, (think: NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD), they have to be popular. the thing is, popularity doesn’t interest me nearly so much as quality.  In any genre, even in one with such notoriously low standards, the given film has to be good, or I won’t bother with it.  And IT FOLLOWS is good.  Before it’s over, it’s very, very good!

. The idea behind it is just so simple and original:  What if you were being stalked by a shape-shifting entity that had unspeakably terrible designs on you?  One touch from the malevolent entity would mean the most gruesome personal Armageddon. The good news: IT can’t run.  IT can only walk.  The bad news: IT always knows exactly where you are in the world, and is always relentlessly homing in on you. walking, walking, walking- toward you.  You may buy yourself some time, but how much?  That’s hard to say.  It’s not like you can really let your guard down ever- for as long as you’re alive anyway! Which might not be all that long…

. Yeah- unnerving!  Oh, there is one way to free yourself of the hellish curse, but it’s not a very nice thing to do.  You have to “infect” someone else.  Did I mention this this horrible thing is sexually transmitted?

. Okay.  I’ve said enough.  See it.  Check out that perfect ending!  Then… try not to think about it too much.


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