FLIX PIX (143) “The Sweet Pleasures of …IN A WORLD”


(directed by Lake Bell, 2013)

*** (out of 5)


> Ah, this one is gentle fun.

. It’s the tale of a young female voiceover artist, attempting, against the odds in a male-dominated field, to fill the shoes of a recently passed man who was considered the titan of his industry.  He’s the man we see in those Geico Insurance commercials (replayed over the credits, to bring us up to speed), who is reinterpreting the words of a satisfied customer into movie trailer jargon: (“In a world where danger lurks at every intersection…”)

. This film is a sweet ride with an endearing heroine who finds herself in competition with her own dad- a fragile man who feels threatened by his daughter’s success in his own field.  Herein lies my only real problem with the film. Every now and then- rarely, I am thankful to say- an actor just rubs you the wrong way.  You want to like them.  You want to overlook the fact that you just don’t believe that they believe in what they’re doing.  You just can’t.  The phoniness sticks in your craw- a fly in the ointment, and taints your ability to be in the moment.  So it was for me with the actor playing her father- who may have had a great “announcer voice”, but seemed miscast here.  I just saw an actor, posing.  For me personally, there is a bitter taste to this sweet confection: As a young actor just starting out, I heard again and again what a great voice I had: how I should do radio and commercials and become a voiceover artist for cartoons and coming attractions.  I had a performance a few nights ago, and as I performed, I couldn’t help but hear how badly my vocal instrument has deteriorated, as “old man voice” creeps in.  It bummed me out- and I’m sure it decreased the quality of my performance.

. Vocal talent is just like any other field: sometimes you got to clear out the deadwood to make room for fresh sproutlings.


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