Poems of a Young Man: “At Some Point (In Me)”



of perpetual motion

endless tracing backward to find


no beginnings

looking forward

to find


but no endings

the ecstasy of spinning ocean

freely whirling

in volume

in a space

littered with matter

and at some point in this matter

our solar system

our galaxy

our sun

and circling it

the familiar planets

revolving around a small star

and at some point

a mass we call


arbitrarily divided


neatly packaged into factions


agreed-upon points in physical reality

and at some point

in this northern hemisphere

a continent known as


a land called

“United States”

in a section called

“the west”

in one state of 50

a spot we call “California”

(on the “west coast”

of the “Pacific Ocean”)

at a point near a city

they call “L.A.”

locals call us “the valley”

(“San Fernando”)

(the “west” valley)

in a community that calls itself


on a street named


in a structure called


At an exact point

within all these prior points

in a bedroom

asleep dreaming

there is ME.

At some point awaking

lazy and late

to music- laughter- people

living day to day

moment to moment

and at this moment

rubbing the sleep from my eyelids

newly reopened

my body

leaves the sanctuary of my bed

my legs

dragging the rest of me

to morning grooming

later is breakfast

(too seldom)


(too often)

and still later lunch


and with luck

at some further point


but now

coffee gurgling in my belly

soaked up by toasted bread

my daily agenda comes calling


the business of the day

what is a day?

a span of time, measured relative to the earth’s rotation around the sun

counted off in units called “hours”- 24 of them- 12 from noon to midnight and then 12 back again-

hours on a backdrop of sunrises

of mornings




and evenings

full with the promise of

another dawn

24 hours broken down into “minutes”

60 of them

and in science and art-

fractions of seconds

and THIS time is called:


(“At the tone the time will be…”)

two twenty-six and forty seconds


this daily business will lead me

transport by body

to another point in space

another point in time

to do…



indulging my youth

sharing with comrades

keeping to myself

a teetering balance

of joy and melancholy

transient instants

continuing ungraspable

so many considerations

financial- practical- ethical

situations drifting

foundations crack and tumble

only to rise again


in my work

my life

this striving toward art



and MORE


the issues of the day

vocal cords vibrating useless trivia


things and non-things

all existing simultaneously

in my mind

at no fixed point in me

perception- separation- conclusions


no conclusions

process progressing

in the act of becoming




and impossibly-


nature getting on with it

agreeing- arguing


labeling and defying labels


aimless wanderings



and serenely accepting



me and it

and among them

(among IT)



 (3- 30- 78)



About KPKeelan

Fool, Philosopher, Lover & Dreamer, Benign TROUBLEMAKER, King and Jester of KPKworld, an online portal to visual and linguistic mystery, befuddlement and delight.
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4 Responses to Poems of a Young Man: “At Some Point (In Me)”

  1. Like. – wow long and very inventive….. Is there any real life or isn’t this an unreal life because of social factors?


  2. Stacy Fisher says:

    Love it! It took me on a conceptual journey within and without, traveling through time and space, and ending with “Me”, from which it all came forth. Yes?


    • Yes! This was obviously a concept piece. The old draft was pretty awful, but there was enough there to reconstruct my original inspiration and intent, and that sums it up very well. People really like this one, which is very nice indeed. Hope they’re all reading next year, when I unleash this year’s crop- and they are pretty intense as I get more direct and truthful- the natural progression of a writer who gets to get old. Overall readership has been way down for the last 3 months. I fear people are tiring of what I have to offer, so this encouragement is nice. Thanks for reading people.


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