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MAY 1: First time in my life I am considering NOT voting for prez. Don’t think I can cast a vote for Hillary. Guess I’ll trust women to block Trump (122)

MAY 2: What’ll happen to all the young people who joined the Demos to support Bernie? Will they stay with the party that rejected them? I doubt it! (123)

MAY 3: So saddened by the sudden death of Prince!Looks like he was killed by his religion. Religion is ignorant fantasy propped up by weak minds. (124)

MAY 4: I so appreciate the taxpayer’s help in putting food on my table! It would be nice if they decided I was worthy of eating the entire month… (125)

MAY 5: A shout-out to our Mexican neighbors on their national holiday/Outside of the cartels, Mexicans are awesome people w/big hearts/Viva Mexico! (126)

MAY 6: Reconsidering my attitude RE: Hillary: I do trust women to block Trump, but the next prez might have as many as 3 Supreme court nominations! (127)

MAY 7: It’s counter-intuitive: The tougher things get for me, the more grateful I feel. Growing acceptance is certainly the best thing about aging. (128)

MAY 8: MOTHER stands for sacrifice & selflessness. It’s got to be 1 of the toughest jobs in the world. I’d like to see moms be a lot more powerful! (129)

MAY 9: Gentle rainfall has got to be among the most soothing sounds of the natural world. I can almost hear the thirsty earth gasping with relief!! (130)

MAY 10: The time for a Minimum Guaranteed Income in America is NOW.There is no reason on earth that all the power+resources should rest with the 1%! (131)

MAY 11: It’s true- I live in a Californian bubble here but working with kids gives me more hope daily that human consciousness is actually evolving. (132)

MAY 12: Bernie Sanders had me at “I am running for president”. He is the only American politician with whom I have agreed on every issue. GO BERNIE! (133)

MAY 13: Sometimes I think the secret to dealing with the creeping indignities of old age is to totally ignore them. Um… yeah. Good luck with that! (134)

MAY 14: It’s interesting when autopilot malfunctions and you have to scramble to take the helm & steer the damn ship yourself/That’ll wake a guy up! (135)

MAY 15: Music has the unique power to make grown adults feel their eternal youth again/The sound of music is a time machine that takes you backward. (136)

MAY 16: > Is it naivety to know the cruel realities of the world, yet still to choose to believe that most people are good at heart? Bliss Ninny me! (137)

MAY 17: Donald Trump proves once & 4 all that Mark Mothersbaugh & the boys were right when they said WE ARE DEVO- creatures trapped in de-evolution! (138)

MAY 18: Built-in-obsolescence plagues my computer/Wish I could just get a new one. But YIKES! The same thing stalks my DNA! No new body forthcoming! (139)

MAY 19: It would be so much fun to watch the Republican Hate Machine undone by the evil monster it created. Good idea to embrace the Tea Party guys! (140)

MAY 20: When I was a youth I used to sing “Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ into New Jersey! Yeah, I’ve always had a weird sense of humor. (141)

MAY 21: Ever since youth I have known my true nature was that of BLISS NINNY. Problem: That exalted state requires more optimism than I can sustain! (142)

MAY 22: …I used to believe in myself above all, but it was the height of self-arrogance. Now, I believe in the world- the height of self-delusion. (143)

MAY 23: I see little boy Kevin in 2 many of the boys I work with/Traumatized by bullying coupled with hypersensitivity they feel alone & vulnerable. (144)

MAY 24: No doubt some people think of me as a complainer because I share my struggles w/the world. To them I say: the squeaky wheel gets the grease. (145)

MAY 25: I am still in denial about the deaths of Bowie and Prince, and Zappa. Death is just not fair. Great artists should be exempt from mortality! (146)

MAY 26: >At that age where nostalgia seems to make sense. The World of Now seems so completely out of control- a senior looks back on gentler times. (147)

MAY 27: Springtime means the curse of resurgent allergies. However- the vibrant chromatic orgy of flowers and blossoms make it all worthwhile to me. (148)

MAY 28: TheBadNews: Confronting the same old problems I’ve created 4 myself thru life. TheGoodNews: I wouldn’t trade my problems for anybody else’s! (149)

MAY 29: Wonder how all those other Kevin Keelans R doing in the infinite alternate realities of Quantumworld, or (GASP!) am I one of the alternates? (150)

May 30: Memorial Day is a good time to shift focus from the courageous defenders to the real victims of war: children, women, the elderly, the poor. (151)

May 31: Off on another round-the-world trip tomorrow! This will be my 13th sojourn to see my mom in Toad Hall, Glengarriff Ireland. Lucky 13 I hope (152)


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