FLIX PIX (121): “The Repeating Drama of 5 BROKEN CAMERAS”

5 cameras


(directed by Emad Burnat  &  Guy Davidi, 2011)

****+ (out of 5)


> I am well aware there are (at minimum!) two sides to every story, and this riveting, humanistic documentary about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict does not purport to be “fair and balanced”.  Simply: it is one man’s truth- unblinkingly documented by a series of video cameras that are destroyed one after the other by an enemy that does not want the truth of its barbaric actions to be seen or heard.

. Personally, I believe Israel has a blatantly criminal government, so sunk in its own (sadly understandable) fear and paranoia that it has all but lost the ability to deal humanely with its foes.  I am flat-out disgusted that a single penny of my tax dollars goes to this evil entity.  Without U.S. largesse to prop them up, Israel might feel compelled to go to the table and make peace with those (non-Hamas, yes) who are willing to talk.  The footage shot on these five cameras strip away their sheen of righteousness and reveal them as cruel, inhuman monsters, incapable of simple human empathy.

. We watch as they build a barrier straight through a family’s ancestral lands, burn their olive orchards, harass, threaten and detain their children, arrest them for daring to demonstrate peacefully, bombard women and families with tear gas, take a prisoner then casually SHOOT HIM IN THE LEG for a revenge masquerading as “justice”, MURDER innocent people for having the unmitigated gumption to demand their human rights. Their own high courts rule the land-grab illegal, yet nothing changes for years, as they chose to ignore their own laws.  Meanwhile, people die- stupidly, needlessly, criminally!

. Fuck these people!

. After watching this eye-opening Oscar-nominated documentary, I have lost all sympathy for the state of Israel.  If it has to be one or the other, I side with the Palestinians.  They are the true victims of the imbalance of power.  I offer no apologies for this attitude.  And I see no point in debating the issue with anyone who has not seen 5 BROKEN CAMERAS.

*  *  *

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