FLIX PIX (114): “Say it Loud and Say It Proud: I AM”



(directed by Tom Shadyac, 2011)

**** (out of 5)


> Before mainstream director Tom Shadyac was almost killed in a bicycle accident, he thought he had the perfect life: wealth, privilege, success.  Tom lived what he took to be “the good life” in a fancy Beverly Hills mansion, sailed on his private yacht, flew on his own private plane.  Nothing like a close brush with death to call attention to misplaced priorities!

. The road from the banal silliness of ACE VENTURA PET DETECTIVE to the deep and beautiful ponderings of I AM, is a long one this unexpectedly thoughtful man made in a very short time.  This resonant documentary asks the important twin questions: “What’s wrong with the world” (and most importantly:) “What can we do about it?”  (When G.K. Chesterton was asked by The London Times to answer the first question, he responded with a four word essay: “Dear sirs: I am.”)

. This is a beautiful journey into self-discovery and empowerment, peppered with the talking heads of great thinkers and spiritual leaders, interspersed with breathtaking scenes of the natural splendor we live in and tend to take for granted.  Mr. Shadyac explores the very real ways we are interconnected and interdependent.  Loved, loved, loved this film!  As a clarion call to the Human Conscience to take more personal responsibility, it’s an inspiration.  The ideas are fascinating and the visuals are stunning to behold.

> See I AM.  Resolve to be part of the solution.  I have.  I am.

*  *  *

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