WHAT, ME BLOVIATE? #56: “Taking on the Haters (1)”


> I am a complainer. I know this. I’m sure some people hate this. But at this point, I don’t really care how others perceive it. Screw ’em. A man has gotta say what a man has gotta say. I offend people all the time with my bluntness. Tough shit! I live my life entirely by the words of R.F.K. when he said:

“There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”

. The fact is I have been a social critic since I entered our public education system in kindergarten- not yet five years old and I could clearly see the hypocrisy all around me. Adults lived in deep denial. I figured this out before all the other kids. They don’t mean to be such hypocrites- but most people are not thinkers. They simply don’t spend any time contemplating their navels- thinking about their lives and the way they impact the world and others who reside in it. That’s kid’s stuff.

. As I grew older, I found there was a name for these people: Republican. Of course I’m not saying all haters are Republicans, but in the country of my birth, a huge chunk of them did seem to self-identify in the same way: as proud, unthinking members of the Grand Old Party. And as the Republicans drifted into codified insanity, I lost respect for all Americans who continued to stand by a party that had drifted into racism, sexism, xenophobia, hostility to the poor, veneration of the wealthy, an unquestioning devotion to dogma, and a blind fealty to the Corporate State. It’s one thing to have called yourself a ‘Republican’ in the past, when it was a party of principles, (albeit mostly misguided ones), not craven opportunism. But if you know- actually know and understand what the Republican Party has become, and you still claim allegiance… YOU ARE A HATER- in love with your rage and ignorance. You are a big part of why we are on the wrong track if we want to “make America great” again. There is a piece of your heart sadly and pathetically missing.

. Republicans have a pathological hatred and fear of the poor. They actually believe we live in a meritocracy and that the playing field is flat: all Americans having the same access to upward mobility. AND IT’S A COMPLETE FICTION. It simply IS NOT TRUE. They think in terms of credit and above all blame. If you are not living as high on the hog as Donald Trump our ultimate role model, it is all your fault. There is something WRONG with you. This is a fundamentally flawed and divisive way to view the country. They have chosen the perpetuation of misery over the chance to alleviate human suffering. This is why I believe Republicans to be morally flawed. They are insulted by the intimation that they have no compassion. They have plenty of compassion, they argue… for those who DESERVE it, (their immediate friends and relatives), but they are the ones who get to decide who is “deserving”. In their unbridled arrogance, they believe their ‘God’ set them up as ultimate arbiter of right and wrong- that they have a right- even a duty, to pass judgement on other people. Religion and rightwing ideology are diseases of the mind. These people are mentally ill, and they need help.

… Meanwhile, the left needs to grow a fucking backbone! (But that’s a rant for another time.)

*  *  *

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