#TWEETS FROM A TWIT: (April 2016)

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APRIL 1: I have decided to have a sex change operation so I can join The Holy Sisters of Perpetual Suffering. That’s where all the good parties are!! (92)

April 2: Life goes on in all its splendid beauty & terrible horror. It’s not a matter of will. All is unfolding/Pain is not bottomless/Love rebounds! (93)

April 3: You live, you learn. I say dumb things with total sincerity all the time. We are humans: silly fallible lovable creatures. Waddaya gonna do? (94)

April 4: Thelonious Monk & John Coltrane seize my soul & surrender it to a new place where all is tone, tempo, rhythm, phrasing/A gateway to Samadhi! (95)

April 5: Walt Disney what did U do 2 this poor impressionable child? Filled its little noggin with ideals of romantic nonsense & impossible illusion! (96)

April 6: A terminally open mind can be a dangerous thing. Nasty parasites and succubi can steal in on a friendly breeze, stealing us from within. (97)

April 7: I’m one of those personality types that constantly crave new experiences grumpy if there isn’t something new & wonderful to look forward to. (98)

April 8: The longest lifespan is not enough 2 express all the love+connectedness that a human is capable of/Without that the shortest life is 2 long. (99)

April 9: I am getting better at bearing the horrors of human suffering. I used 2 be over-empathetic like Bill Clinton when he said: I feel your pain! (100)

April 10: Like all youth, I was so sure of myself Once Upon A Time. Maturity is about coming to grips with doubt & uncertainty. Oh well. C’est la vie! (101)

April 11: Faith is the death of thought. It places some ideas out of reach, in a taboo lockbox, turning them into scared cows they dare not criticize. (102)

April 12: We live in surreal times where Reality is no longer real/The fake is venerated the authentic denigrated/George Orwell has come home to roost (103)

April 13: Been so sick for so long, I’m beginning to wonder if this is the beginning of the long slow slide into the grave. Your health is EVERYTHING. (104)

April 14: Thru all the changes, I remain steadily MYSELF. Haven’t really changed that much since kindergarten and I’m about to enter retirement years! (105)

April 15: Food is beginning to frighten me now that it’s a corporate product. When the motive is profit, not nutrition, that is a recipe for disaster! (106)

April 16: Today and every day I honor the laborer. The men, women and children who feel coerced into economic slavery by a ruthless capitalist system. (107)

April 17: Sometimes the everyday maintenance details of life get 2 much for me. They tend to proliferate almost exponentially creating periodic havoc! (108)

April 18: A minor problem with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder grows steadily worse. Is there a chemical element to O.C.D. that makes it worse with age? (109)

April 19: Did you forget? Being ALIVE is an expression of Magic! That most unlikely spirit, MAGIC infuses & informs everything. I almost forgot again! (110)

April 20: Beauty hurts!/The worship of the beautiful is an illness that keeps me forever separated from the world as it is/Art is the ultimate disease (111)

April 21: Conundrum:I am uncertain how I feel about Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle because thinking about it alters the thing I am thinking about! (112)

April 22: I am beginning 2 discover the benefits of aging/It feels like I’m coming back around 2 the person I was as a child: the person I always was. (113)

April 23: Cyclically I find myself in a vortex of creativity & I can barely turn off my Muse/This time I don’t feel the need to chronicle the process. (114)

April 24: Acceptance is all: accepting ourselves, other people, the flaws of the world, the accumulated hurts & grievances that never really mattered. (115)

April 25: Getting back to the sheer XTC of music/The way it banishes time and worry/expresses the inexpressible/provides a conduit for the human soul! (116)

April 26: I am unaccustomed 2 feeling the blessings of my life so deeply. Truly it’s a good way to live a human life. Each day is immeasurably richer. (117)

April 27: Funny, how I’ve always lived my life so far beyond my means… Guess it comes from other people bending over backwards to make my life good! (118)

April 28: It is fascinating to watch successive generations rediscover the revelations of their predecessors and assimilate them into their own truth. (119)

April 29: Oh shit! I’ll be dead soon, but I still have so much left to learn! How shall I contribute with the precious little time that is left to me? (120)

April 30: Pleased with myself that in this endstage of my life, I am so much nicer than I was as a youth. That’s some progress in the right direction! (121)


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