GUESTBOOK 168 (2015): “Tell Me, Is This True For You?” (by Abhinav Majumder)



We love those who don’t love us

And we don’t love those who do

We long for the unfaithful

And neglect those who are true

We give to those who have no need

And withhold from those who do

We run after those who run away

And run away from ones who pursue

We flirt with those who are aloof

And are aloof with those who flirt

We treat like gold the worthless

And the worthy we treat like dirt

We die for those who’re indifferent

And are indifferent to those who die

Tis the state of our foolish hearts

Will someone please to tell me why?

She says I am her heart and soul

You’re indifferent to my needs

She vows she’d die without my love

Yet it’s for you my heart bleeds

She claims I’m her oxygen

Carbon dioxide I am to you

Her eyes want to eat me up

YOU’RE my honey through and through

My foolish heart has lost its wits

The world has gone crazy too

I love her who loves me not

Tell me, is this true for you?

*  *  *

© 12-3-14, Abhinav Majumder

all rights reserved


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Fool, Philosopher, Lover & Dreamer, Benign TROUBLEMAKER, King and Jester of KPKworld, an online portal to visual and linguistic mystery, befuddlement and delight.
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One Response to GUESTBOOK 168 (2015): “Tell Me, Is This True For You?” (by Abhinav Majumder)

  1. Abhinav sure got it right! great poem. great insight into our irrepressible human nature!


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