FLIX PIX (88): “Teenage Sexuality and TURN ME ON, DAMMIT!”

Turn Me On


(directed by Jannicke Systad Jacobsen, 2011)

***+ (out of 5)


> Rarely do you see such a frank, direct, (charming!) film about teenage sexuality, and this one is Big Fun.

. It’s an unusual plotline: hormone-addled young Danish teen becomes so sex-crazed she doesn’t know what to do with all the intense desires she’s experiencing.  When the guy she likes impulsively molests her outside a party, she goes back in and casually tells everyone the truth: that her “suitor” just poked her in the hip with his dick.  He flatly denies it of course, and all her schoolmates begin to refer to her as “Dick- Alma”.  (Even the little kids jumping on the trampoline taunt her with chants of: “Dick-Alma! Dick-Alma!”)  She is blindsided, because all she did was tell the truth.

. Alma is a true innocent: unable to do anything else.  She is completely upfront with her exasperated mother, when the telephone bill arrives with big charges to a sexline. Her poor mother is just at a complete loss when her daughter insists she is uncontrollably horny and needs to fuck!  (Hey- Alma is just following the call of biology: listening to what her body has to tell her.  How could that not be okay?)  But her put-upon mother is not without her own desires, having separated from Alma’s father and just thinking of dating again, she seems to be struggling with her own urges.  Answering the phone when Alma’s virtual sex partner returns her call, her mother pretends to be Alma to hear what kinds of titillating things the phone sex worker might say.

. Things come to a head when Alma decides her molester is destined to be her boyfriend, and no force on earth can stop her.  So much fun!  Even better: the filmmakers came up with the perfect ending.  I just laughed and laughed at what a good choice it was.

> See this lovely film, dammit!

*  *  *

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