GUESTBOOK 155 (2015): “Put the Fragrance of a Flower Into Words” (by Gais Svaigs)

Put the fragrance of a flower into words.
Express the sound of a lonely note.
Draw the colors of an absent rainbow.
Describe the sound of ocean waves.

Put the smell of burnt onions into words.
Express the sweetness of a bitter honey.
Draw the laughter of a little boy.
Describe the eyes of the loved one.

Put the stillness of a night into words.
Express the noise of a falling snowflake.
Draw the taste of a sour apple.
Describe the voice of a roaring wind.

Put the movement of an hour into words.
Express the ripple of a hidden breath.
Draw the pulse of an unknown heart.
Describe the glitter of your death.

*   *

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