2013 GUESTBOOK 76: “Time to Spare” (by Anne Vance)

Anne Vance.

 I’ve met him face to face, that Old Man Time.

I do not fear him, but he’s hard to see

And he never talks to me.


I have asked but get no answer.

How long will you stay with me, Mr. Time?

But do I really want to know?

If I could know exactly

How much time that I have left

Could I still enjoy my morning cup of coffee? 

Or would I gulp it down and get to work

On all the things I need to do

Before my time to go? 

Sometimes I think that time stands still,

And it is I that must be moving constantly

Just to feel that I am here, and me. 

Perhaps I should heed that old saying:

(I think it was a highway sign) 
It read



(© Anne Vance, 6- 8- 12)




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