GUESTBOOK (2012) 46: “The Monster” (by John Martinez)

John M.

There is no pain
Greater than knowing
You have caused
Someone pain,
Unless you are a monster,
And not the monster
With rubber fangs
Under the bed,
Not from the Paramount screen
Laced with popcorn
And butter
I am saying
It’s real
The smell of blood on a knife,
Arteries bursting,
Then frying
On a hot slug,
There is no pain more regretful
Than knowing
That your cause
Is not fragrant like
Picked roses,
But pungent
As burned hair,


You are monster.

And words, images, those
Political sonnets,
The sizzle of
Your television voice
You hide behind,
Know, your tie, your collar
Is dry cleaned in death
Yes, you dress
As if you are
Already dead,
Nothing hides
What you are.
But the knife you carry,
You have it in your hand
Against your neck
Like an odd cock
And smiling
As you do,
Know, the lovely lace
Of your beautiful lady
Is dripping
Blood underneath
Your dining table,
Your children
Don’t know you, and if they did,
They would bend
With tummy cramps,
They would try to spit
You out of them,

Listen, carefully,

You are a monster.


(© John Martinez, 2012)


John Martinez writes poetry. Sometimes, he gets one right. He studied poetry at Fresno State University…attending Advance Poetry Writing with Philip Levine for four years. He also took a class in Bone-Head English. For the last 15 years he has worked as an Administrator for a well known Law Firm in Los Angeles. Before this he was an investigator and before that… well, he was homeless. Mr. Martinez believes in a lot of things, but mainly John believes in the power of being human; that spirits rise from being human and NOT the other way around. John believes in God. He would like his poetry to be read by as many people as possible, but on the other hand, he would like, one day, to understand his own poems and why he must write them. (Karl adds that he is a rippin’ guitar player!)


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3 Responses to GUESTBOOK (2012) 46: “The Monster” (by John Martinez)

  1. Dude, thanx for posting this. I am glad you like the poem. Many have turned it down, because they think I am gay bashing with the “odd cock” line, but those who cannot read into the poem, don’t understand how intricate that line actually is. I had to leave it. I tried to take it out, but the poem deflated. Fact is, it was meant to be.


  2. LoryWhermerry says:

    Just saying hi


  3. Yes, you’re right, Kevin, this is also a great read.


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