GUESTBOOK 2011- 10: “Thinning” (by Kevin Spitzer)


I’ve always found it difficult

after a planted garden bed

erupts with little seedling greenery

to pluck out hungry sprouts,

so what’s left can expand,

blossom, come to magnificent fruition,

instead, I’ll leave all in

letting tangle of possibility ensue

that reflects Mystery’s rich soil

feeding myriad images of harvest,

but in reality quality suffers

from strained environment of struggle

for resources now found limited,

real manifestation demands adequate space,

sun, water, earth, and air,

as catalysts to reach zenith,

perhaps it’s sympathy for underdog

believing everything deserves a chance

proving worth of simple existence

cherished as excited ‘dream seed’

placed in sacred heart chamber,

though destined not to unfurl,

and there’s pang of sadness

whether early on, or later,

at lost ‘potential’ lacking ingredients,

focus, motivation, stewardship, thinning supplies.


(c. Kevin Spitzer, 5- 11- 11)

Check out “Spitzer’s World” on blogspot for more thoughtful ruminations by Kevin Spitzer:



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2 Responses to GUESTBOOK 2011- 10: “Thinning” (by Kevin Spitzer)

  1. Thanks Kevin. This gets better the more I read it.


  2. Pattie Turtle says:

    OK Kev. this IS my garden………


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