#TWEETS FROM A TWIT: (March 2016)

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March 1: All I every really wanted 2 do was see the wide & wonderful world I marveled @ as a child thru 3-D Viewmaster slides. Is it too late for me? (61)

March 2: What am I? My body/my mind? My thoughts/feelings? My abilities/limitations? My sense of smell, of taste? My ability to hear, see? What am I? (62)

March 3: When I was young I ran with The Rolling Stones and time was on my side. But then Pink Floyd came along with a more dystopian vision of Time. (63)

March 4: Hey, Johnny Carson! How are we doin’? Everyone is a talkshow host now, some do it on the web, the rest do it in our heads. “Heeere’s KEVIN!” (64)

March 5: It’s easier for me to have fun now, as I take myself & the world less and less seriously. It’s not that it isn’t serious- I just don’t care. (65)

March 6: In a trance, I tap my keyboard, in search of the magic hashtag number that all Tweeters seek, the holy grail: the nirvana of 140 keystrokes. (66)

March 7: It’s another day! That’s a good thing. Whoever said: “Any day above ground is a good one” was on to something. Can’t GO, if there’s no FLOW! (67)

March 8: Easy 4 me to pontificate on a full stomach. 2 bad an unfathomable 20% of America’s children go to bed hungry. That puts a bummer spin on it. (68)

March 9: Ted came home to find Mary dead in a pool of water. The table was upset & broken glass scattered. Jed snoozed on the couch… What happened? (69)

March 10: No matter how shockingly OLD I get I continue to be amazed by life’s little vicissitudes & unforeseen turnabouts. It’s a funhouse out there! (70)

March 11: The Rich and Powerful play at war for profit. They push the avatars across the map decimate lives and count the profit in dollars and cents. (71)

March 12: New! Improved! The two most common adjectives in advertising for decades. It begs the question: Just how NEW and IMPROVED can a product get? (72)

March 13: So many people! Does it devalue human life when we propagate like sexy rabbits? How many planets worth of resources will we need to survive? (73)

March 14: Why am I continually confounded by the innate kindness in people? After a lifetime of heartbreak I’ve grown very cynical about human nature. (74)

March 15: Oscar Wilde said he could hold intelligent discourse on any subject & he could! I envy that because I have no doubt I can B a crashing bore. (75)

March 16: ?:Do you ever dream of giant mutant panda bears wearing George Bush masks terrorizing your family with chainsaws & marshmallows? Me neither. (76)

March 17: Another St. Paddy’s Day stranded stateside, and all the good craic going on across the pond! Much love to my sainted Irish mum in Co. Cork!! (77)

March 18: Can U feel us spinning at 1037 miles-per-hour on a giant life-giving orb, the whole colony of beings hurling through the blackness of space? (78)

March 19: Having suffered with sleeplessness in fits and starts since I was about 19 insomnia is just a fact of life for me. Not enough time to dream! (79)

March 20: Time makes no sense to me. I can’t keep track of it. It just does its thing, I do mine, and occasionally- I am forced 2 march 2 time’s beat. (80)

March 21: During my period of houselessness I sure felt taken care of by the Universe. It’s humbling 2 B the recipient of so many profound kindnesses. (81)

March 22: Universe expanding. Body…falling…apart. Functions/failing. Systems- shutting-down. Mind,expanding! The unfathomable becomes commonplace. (82)

March 23: Been thinking about what a damn Boy Scout I am, at heart! I don’t think I would be such a good man without my overactive conscience nagging! (83)

March 24: WTF? We B CRAY-CRAY, IMHO. Know what I’m sayin’? In-sane in the membrane! R U listening? World: 4 SALE 2 HIGHest Bidder! I mean- LOL, right? (84)

March 25: I once wrote a philosophy paper that presupposed being alive was the ultimate good. The professor wrote: “Good paper but one question: Why?” (85)

March 26: What an obscure, bewildering election circus we created in this country- all kabuki theatre: masks and ritual dances, everything obfuscated. (86)

March 27: While walking last Easter I found a plastic egg lying on the sidewalk. Opening it, I found a scrap of paper with 1 word written on it: LOVE. (87)

March 28: I imagine I am someone else- someone new, I’ve never met before. How strange is his life! Hm. I wonder if he’s thinking the same about mine? (88)

March 29: Yes I remember you! All you former humans who knew me, probably loved me, shared their lives with me, and then died… You know who you are. (89)

March 30: Is it NOW yet, or has that moment passed? How long is a moment? So NOW is already LATER. NOW is always a thing of the past. Hard to keep up! (90)

MARCH 31: Writing these daily tweets is fun, because to write them I have to empty my noggin, let the breeze blow through, then observe the territory. (91)


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