SCRABBLE, ANYONE? #29: “2-Letter Words and Their Definitions”

Photo by Kevin Keelan all rights reserved

Photo by Kevin Keelan
all rights reserved



Some familiar, some bizarre!

AA–  rough, cindery lava

AB–  an abdominal muscle

AD–  an advertisement

AE–  “one” (Scottish)

AG–  pertaining to agriculture

AH-  to exclaim in amazement, joy or surprise

AI–  a three-toed salamander

AL–  an east Indian tree

AM–  (self-explanatory)

AR–  the letter “R”

AS–  (self-explanatory)

AT–  (self-explanatory)

AW–  an expression of protest, disgust or disbelief

AX–  (self-explanatory)

AY–  alternate spelling of “aye”

BA–  the eternal soul in Egyptian mythology

BE–  (self-explanatory)

BI–  bisexual

BO–  a pal

DA–  dad

DE–  of, from: used in names

DO–  (self-explanatory)

ED–  pertaining to education

EF–  the letter “F”

EH– used to express doubt or surprise

EL–  an elevated railroad or train

EM–  the letter “M”

EN–  the letter “N”

ER–  used to express hesitation

ES–  the letter “S”

ET–  past-tense of ”eat”

EX–  the letter “X”

FA–  the fourth tone of the diatonic musical scale

FE–  a Hebrew letter

GI-  The white robe worn in martial arts

GO–  (self-explanatory)

HA–  (self-explanatory)

HI–  (self-explanatory)

HM–  expressing thoughtful consideration

HO–  (self-explanatory)

ID–  a part of the psyche

IF–  (self-explanatory)

IN–  (self-explanatory)

IS–  (self-explanatory)

IT-  (self-explanatory)

JO–  a sweetheart

KA–  the spiritual self in Egyptian mythology

KI–  alt. spelling of “QI”

LA–  the sixth tone of the diatonic musical scale

LI–  a Chinese unit of distance

LO–  used to attract attention or express surprise

MA–  mother

ME–  (self-explanatory)

MI–  the third tone of the diatonic musical scale

MM–  used to express assent or satisfaction

MO–  a moment

MU–  a Greek letter

MY–   (self-explanatory)

NA–  “no”, not

NE–  born with the name of

NO–  (self-explanatory)

NU–  a Greek letter

OD–  a hypothetical force of natural power

OE–  a whirlwind off coast of  Farloe Islands

OF–  (self-explanatory)

OH–  (self-explanatory)

OI–  alt. spelling of “OY”

OM–  a mantra used in contemplation of ultimate reality

ON–  (self-explanatory)

OP–  optical

OR (self-explanatory)

OS–  an orifice, bone or esker

OW–  used to express sudden pain

OX–  an oxen

OY–  an expression of pain or dismay

PA–  father

PE–  a Hebrew letter

PI–  a Greek letter

PO– a chambrepot

QI–  the vital force, in Chinese thought

RE–  the second tone of the diatonic musical scale

SH–  an expression used to urge silence

SI–  same as musical term “TI”

SO–  (self-explanatory)

TA–  an expression of gratitude

TE–  an alternate spelling of “TI”

TI–  the seventh tone of the diatonic musical scale

TO–  (self-explanatory)

UH/UM–  used to express hesitation

UN–  same as “ae”: one

UP–  (self-explanatory)

US–  (self-explanatory)

UT–  archaic musical term: the tone “C”, replaced by “DO”

WE–  (self-explanatory)

WO–  alternate spelling: “woe”

XI–  a Greek letter

XU–  a monetary unit of Vietnam

YA–  alternate spelling of “you”

YE–  archaic term for “you”

YO–  used to call attention or express affirmation

ZA-  Referring to a pizza…

That’s right.  A pizza!

*  *  *

(This list © Kevin Paul Keelan and lastcre8iveiconoclast, 2014. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Kevin Paul Keelan and lastcre8iveiconoclast with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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