FLIX PIX (22): “The Stunning Artistry of THE MILL AND THE CROSS”



(directed by Lech Majewski, 2011)

****+ (out of 5)

> Prepare to be astounded.

. This film is AS VISUALLY STUNNING AS ANY FILM I HAVE EVER SEEN!  Not hyperbole: fact.  It’s a bit light on plot, but this is no issue at all once Rutger Hauer and Michael York get into gear as famous Flemish painter Pieter Bruegel and his wealthy patron.  (This singular piece of film art also features a great turn by the solid Charlotte Rampling as the Virgin Mary.  That actress can do anything!)  This clever piece of cinematic artistry plays on many levels, as we watch the master assemble his army of models to paint his masterwork “The Procession to Cavalry”.  Along the way, we experience the inner thoughts of the artist, the lives of the townsfolk posing as models, and the biblical stories they depict.

. Every shot of this jaw-dropping film looks as though it was painted by the master himself.  Entire films are made with less care than went into each individual shot of THE MILL AND THE CROSS.  The look of the film is uniform and uniformly gorgeous.  It is nothing less than a monumental achievement.  You will find yourself gasping aloud in wonderment throughout the film.

. If you love movies, if you love art: SEE THIS AMAZING FILM!! You may have to hunt for the title a bit, but it’s well worth your effort.  (You can always try your local library.  Mine has it.)  As I stated at the onset: prepare to be astounded!


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One Response to FLIX PIX (22): “The Stunning Artistry of THE MILL AND THE CROSS”

  1. Like. I will download this movie and check it out.


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