GUESTBOOK 172 (2015): “Spinning Away” (by Stuart Cameron Vance)

Stu caracature


Sure, we celebrate the circles we make
Each ring around the sun a milestone marker
But along with our sun we compass a far
Larger milky wheel, itself just a cog in
A huge starry machine churning out time

And when we circle around 
Our own familiar old star
Although we say we’re one year older
We are, in fact, if you look at it right
One year further away from where we were today

But all the same this spinning around 
Makes me think, makes me wonder
Are we ever going to get somewhere?
I mean somewhere other than right here
From nothing to everything and back again

Will these circles wind down one day? 
Whirlpooling around and around creation
Can we ever get a chance to stop and look 
Around in one still place and say, “here is home?”
Or are we stuck spinning always and forever away?

Of these things and much else 
I’m certainly more than unsure
In any case I can say this one thing’s true
I’m glad you’re still riding this circular tour 
And for a time I had a seat beside you.

*  *  *

Stuart Cameron Vance 2014

all rights reserved


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