GUESTBOOK 151 (2015): “A Season of Allergies” (a poem by Abel Martinez)



The Spring wind

Scattered clouds

Across a dark blue horizon

When the grayness of his gaze

Filled the stale room.

I didn’t have a plan

I swayed in the wind

A leaf separated from

A branch

Somehow unnatural.

The sky was an

Open wound as rain

Drummed rivulets

Through a black

Parking lot.


It was April 1st

April Fool’s Day

The day my father

Stared at nothingness

Dull and hard.

The lightning

Flashed brown

In his eyes

Holding a still

Fear and curiosity.

His eyes used to flash

Brown and sensual

When he was angry

Or in love,

But tonight there was

No anger, no beautiful woman

Holding his head.

Tonight, I watched

His eyes crisp

With green sliver flecks

Like fireworks,

Then stutter closed


I wanted to smoke

A cigarette

To tie the rings

Of smoke twisting

In the wind

Around him and I,

To inhale the memory

And testify that

He spoke to me

Beyond the papers

That held his life

Together like photos.


He told me


Take care of your mother.”

And I knew,

This thing,

This sickness

Would take him.

Would settle in

His bones and

Be as familiar

As the gnawing

In my own stomach.

For between us

We will have to

Whether the

Season of allergies.


(© Abel S. Martinez, 2012)



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