Poems of a Young Man: “A Day…” (© KPKeelan)


The alarm rings

hysterical screams

waterbed sloshes

back twinges

English muffin burns

the hallway tinted gray

I shower

and shave my ragged face

my sleeping brain

devoid of pain

outside rain


it’s all the same

it’s all a game

Late for work

I always shirk

missing shoe

feeling blue

out the door

small leaves fall

crunch under heels

no frills

damned free will

keeps me on the grill

spirit killed

never healed…


 (3- 3- 78)



About KPKeelan

Fool, Philosopher, Lover & Dreamer, Benign TROUBLEMAKER, King and Jester of KPKworld, an online portal to visual and linguistic mystery, befuddlement and delight.
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One Response to Poems of a Young Man: “A Day…” (© KPKeelan)

  1. Stacy Fisher says:

    more good stuff from the mind of kpk


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