2013 GUESTBOOK 79: “I Feel the Electricity” (by John Martinez)

John M.

I feel the electricity
Singing through me,
It is a song

A song that sings
My name,
That taps
The rhythm
Of my heart,
That harmonizes with 
My salty lungs

And so the night air comes,
Kissing me with 
A cold mouth

The words are gone

Is there anybody out there?
Or did I sleepwalk 
To this place

Did I gallop here?
On all fours,
Like the 
I was

Did my brother
Bring me?
After humming
Across the line

I feel the electricity
Singing through me,
Going to
Another place

Leaving me,


(© John Martinez, 2012)

John Martinez writes poetry. Sometimes, he gets one right. He studied poetry at Fresno State University…attending Advance Poetry Writing with Philip Levine for four years. He also took a class in Bone-Head English. For the last 15 years he has worked as an Administrator for a well known Law Firm in Los Angeles. Before this he was an investigator and before that… well, he was homeless.Mr. Martinez believes in a lot of things, but mainly John believes in the power of being human; that spirits rise from being human and NOT the other way around. John believes in God. He would like his poetry to be read by as many people as possible, but on the other hand, he would like, one day, to understand his own poems and why he must write them. (Karl adds that he is a rippin’ guitar player!)


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One Response to 2013 GUESTBOOK 79: “I Feel the Electricity” (by John Martinez)

  1. annevance@hrecn.net says:

    I really like Martinez’s poetry. Who is he? Where does he live? How about a short biography? Anne Vance


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