2013 GUESTBOOK 72: “Olivia” (by John Martinez)

John M.

My mother Olivia

Walked Tacos

De Papa y huevo

Wrapped in

Aluminum Foil,

Walked water turned to

Ice in Clorox bottles,

Walked a rolled

Up blanket

Down a long row

Of grape vines,

Placing them

On top of the

Vine at the end

Of the row,

Then walked


At 6:00 a.m.,

The stars were closing

Their eyes, the sun

Sharpening its teeth,

The moon taking

A last look

At our little feet

Cooled underneath

This vine,

But the day will turn

The earth

To lava again,

The sun will lick

Its hot tongue

Across our cheeks

As we knife ourselves

Closer and closer,

The ice water

Will turn lukewarm,

The tacos

De papa y huevo

Will steam

When we get

To the end of the row

She’ll spread the blanket

Over the dirt,

Put her brown

Hands together

And pray

(© John Martinez, 2012)


John Martinez writes poetry. Sometimes, he gets one right. He studied poetry at Fresno State University…attending Advance Poetry Writing with Philip Levine for four years. He also took a class in Bone-Head English. For the last 15 years he has worked as an Administrator for a well known Law Firm in Los Angeles. Before this he was an investigator and before that… well, he was homeless.Mr. Martinez believes in a lot of things, but mainly John believes in the power of being human; that spirits rise from being human and NOT the other way around. John believes in God. He would like his poetry to be read by as many people as possible, but on the other hand, he would like, one day, to understand his own poems and why he must write them. (Karl adds that he is a rippin’ guitar player!)


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2 Responses to 2013 GUESTBOOK 72: “Olivia” (by John Martinez)

  1. annevance@hrecn.net says:

    I like this poem very much. Who is this poet, Martinez? I’d like to know more about him.


    • I love this poet’s work. You have asked this question before Anne. John and Abel Martinez were the poet-brothers I did a reading with last October. John writes prodigiously, and never seems to write anything less than wonderful. I’ll be publishing as much of his work here as he’ll allow me. He works of a law firm outside El Lay and is putting together his first volume. I’m still writing every day of 2013 for 2014 publication! Thanks for reading dear, and contributing yourself!


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