Poems of a Young Man: “Natural Conception” (© KPKeelan)


Walking together

in a precious moment between the sands of time,

they do not look at one another

but focus rather

on the unfolding trail before them.

Each, acutely feeling the air about them

above them

surrounding them

between them

as they steadily climb the wooded trail

to their private lookout.

Reaching the crest

 they sit to calm their racing senses

enthralled by the stunning

palate of a lingering sunset.

Each wonders what the other is thinking,

but neither asks.

Both exhale in long

soul-shuddering sighs

and they laugh about the synchronicity.

Their eyes exchange a sparkle

igniting a fire

and there

in the cool of the falling evening-

held in the palm of nature,

they made Charlotte Cecelia.


(11- 19- 78)



About KPKeelan

Fool, Philosopher, Lover & Dreamer, Benign TROUBLEMAKER, King and Jester of KPKworld, an online portal to visual and linguistic mystery, befuddlement and delight.
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