Poems of a Young Man: “Keepsakes, Trinkets and Mementos” (© KPKeelan)


Randomly shuffling through everything

in his rambling collection of dusty archives-

he searches for some clue,

some hint of solid truth,

achieving only



“Is this all?” he demands aloud

to the incredulous air.


It wasn’t in the least the way he remembered it.

(In unhappy fact, it wasn’t the way he cared to remember it.)

He found the whole revelation utterly distasteful.




and mementos!


Was this all that was left of his life?


Shuffled, stained,

thinned-out over the ages

by choice or change or the grindstone of Time,

boxes and bags of him remained,

the detritus of a life lived.

But it felt like someone else’s life

as though he were a detective

secretly surveilling himself from a distance,



“Is this ALL!”


“Ephemera!” he spat.

muttering: “We are smoke.

Smoke and shadow.”


(7- 30- 79)



About KPKeelan

Fool, Philosopher, Lover & Dreamer, Benign TROUBLEMAKER, King and Jester of KPKworld, an online portal to visual and linguistic mystery, befuddlement and delight.
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3 Responses to Poems of a Young Man: “Keepsakes, Trinkets and Mementos” (© KPKeelan)

  1. How many bags and suitcases has ole man Kev got as his momentos and nostalgic momentos of days gone by? – Me IK got some, but a dwinding number…lol…..faces and places and possessions…..


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