GUESTBOOK 2011- 15: “Moments to Remember” (by Eddy Martinez)


PBS Special:
“Moments To Remember: The Golden Hits Of The ’50s And ’60s’”
box set
“Days and hours and weeks”
Worth of what is apparently (and I quote)
“The greatest music ever made”,

Same old songs of Love and Heartbreak written endearingly
For a nameless figment of some songwriter’s imagination
I don’t mind
I dig Nat King Cole
We all have the right to listen to Lawrence Welk,
Who am I to judge? To each their own I guess

“This stuff is disappearing from the radio”
Sorry if I don’t sound sympathetic,
It’s just that,
The stuff I listen to never got three seconds
on anything other than a college station

But I digress

Apparently it was
“The Greatest Music Ever Made”

Ever since
The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B
Got mowed down by stuttering Mausers
Face down in a bomb crater on Omaha Beach
Things have just gone

A moral decline
Amoral reclining

But the good old days
Those were Moments To Remember

Black Thursday, Black Friday, Black Monday, Black Tuesday
Stockbrokers Leaping
From tenement windows
Crashing to the sidewalk
Like the economy

Those were Moments To Remember

Black faced bread line
Eyes like bombed out windows
After the flood
Behind them a billboard
Shining white faces
From a shining American car
Man, Woman
Boy, Girl
All In their rightful places,
White doggie in the window

There’s No Way
Like The American Way
World’s Highest Standard of Living

Brother can you spare a dime?
The Hobo’s Lullaby
Click – Clack
Click – Clack
Click – Clack

Head resting
On a a pillow of coal dust
Hiding from the railroad bull
Who has murder written in his scowl

Those were Moments To Remember

All the guns of Carnegie
Say you can NOT
Form a union

A mile beneath the ravished hills
And mercury streams
of West Virginia
Breathing coal dust
Because the company didn’t want
To spare the dimes
To keep the shaft reinforced

The state militia
And a thousand rounds of ammunition
Say you do NOT have collective bargaining rights

Those were Moments To Remember

Back in Bombingham
Alabaster Supremacy
Held fire hoses
To the crowd
On good days
And bad nights
Held shotguns
In white robes

Jesus burned on the cross
For somebody’s sins
But not theirs

For whose sins
Did strange fruit
Hang from poplar trees
in Mississippi?

Those were Moments To Remember

Missile silos
Cuban Cigars
Locked and Loaded
Clocks set
Two Minutes to Midnight

Manhattan Project
Manhattan projected
To be the epicenter
Of the blast radius
Radiation’s slow poison
For all those not vaporized
But Mr. Turtle says “Duck and Cover”

Those were Moments To Remember

The Black Maria
Awaited the man
Whose hair touched the tops of his ears

Truncheons and electrodes
Awaited the man
Whose love trespassed on Leviticus

Stark white prisons and
Amphetamine Acupuncture
For those who strayed
From the Beaten path

Beaten bloody
With nightsticks
In nighttime dens
For the crime of seeking love
Their names printed
In the shame column of the local paper
Lives punctured on pink triangles

Those were Moments To Remember

Communist Succubi
Hiding in closets
And under the bed

Whiskey senator’s purge
The walls have ears
Stay in your
White picket cages
And speak to to one
If the Russians don’t hear you
J. Edgar Hoover will

Red scare,
White supremacy, and
Blue laws

The ice pick awaits
The eye that sees
What it isn’t supposed to see

The good old days
Those are moments to remember
So they may never be relived

* * *
(© Eddy Martinez, Boston 6/14/11)



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