GUESTBOOK 2011- 13: “Ronnie’s Beautiful Rant” (by Ronnie Taylor)


We live, we laugh, we learn, we cry,

we get strong, we get weak, we recover, then we die.

The wasted hours not smelling the flowers

because our society taught us to suffer go by so fast.

Many childhood friends already dead,

others numb on tranquilizers/booze & afraid to cry out their pain,

so they snooze & we all lose knowing them.


We are all watching this culture slamming everyone down hard.

It’s America.

I object to this wreck called America!

* * *

‎~ Pretending Doesn’t Lead To Joy ~

*I observe.*
I speak to the links between behaviors/attitudes and misery.
I speak to the links between behaviors/attitudes and inner calmness and joy.
I speak to the fact that we need to challenge the norms that cause widespread misery and stress,
this mess that got you numb outside but shaking in fear

Self-repressive people try and claim that I must be choosing “a negative path”
or that “we see the world that we want to see” so I invent imaginary misery.
No dear friend, the social norms that you adhere to cause you pain and numbing stress,
cause you to feel never-ending depression.
Yet you act like I should have the same monkey on my back.

I observe and feel my own joy,
it pulses in me regularly and sets me free enough,
to call your bluff.
You talk fluff and smokescreens about your own blind self-abusive conformity.
Reject everyone while you claim you don’t want to offend.
Carry that weight, your its slave ’til the end.

That’s not me. 

^I know joy.
Natural joy.^

It fills me up enough to speak up for even you.
Your depression could be relieved if you only cry and breathe
and grieve.
Then breathe again, deeply
and you’ll get to the ^joy.^

^I know joy!
Natural joy!^

* * *

(©  Ronnie Taylor, February 2011/ November 2012)



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One Response to GUESTBOOK 2011- 13: “Ronnie’s Beautiful Rant” (by Ronnie Taylor)

  1. David Marsh says:

    Supporting all those who expose why we rant,from all your friends at Tom Thumb and friends.Thank you.


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